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September 10, 2007


Mara Yorizzo


This is such a beautiful sentiment! Your description sounds just like that of my grandmother, Belle, Betty's mom as I am sure you already know.She passed just before her 85th birthday. It will be 10 years in February and you are right on, it never gets easier, just different. She was my best friend.

Betty's passing seems differnt, more difficult in a sense as time goes on and it sinks in. This will change in time as well.


Dan Koifman

Your mother was a very special woman.

Every day, she knew how much you loved her and deeply cared for her.


Rhoda Miller

My mom turned 88 on September 10th. My friends who no longer have living parents remind me to cherish and hug her often. Your mom had lilac champagne lipstick; mine has a supply of Aqua Net for the next hundred years. I hope she was inscribed in the book of life, however, for a good year.

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