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September 19, 2007


Trevor Bender

I agree. We should all take the time to network, and some of the most important networking is what I call e-networking. This is especially important for home business owners, where one may not be able to attend trade shows or visit with colleagues face-to-face (FTF).

My wife Sally and I run a home business where we maintain a network of over 40 like-minded professionals interested in a similar product line (www.orovo.com/eregister).

As I write this I am attending an annual conference in LA where I am able to network with fellow peers. Sally's FTF networking is mostly with other Moms and Ladies at church (even as I type this post, Sally called to tell me that our 9 year old dropped a gallon of milk and it hit in such a wonderful way that 3/4 ended up spilling on her recently mopped floor!).

Nevertheless, I try to set aside time for Sally to network, either on the phone, the web or email, as it is due to her willingness to stay at home and raise our four children that I am able to build my professional career through networking. I Love you babe, and I will be home Friday night, with a couple dozen new business cards added to my network!


Working from home is amazing because you are your own boss. This means that if you mess something up, no one is going to scream at you. No one is constantly looking over your shoulder telling you when to take a break or what time to go to lunch. You are able to set your own schedule and take off when you want to. When it comes to taking time off for a vacation it doesn't matter because you control your time and schedule. You also control how much money you make, depending on the amount of time you're willing to invest, and how far you want to take your online home based business. http://www.millionairebusinessideas.com

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